add startup programs windows 8.1

For some programs, its smart to have them start with Windows, such as anti-virus and firewall software.
Exe in the Open edit box, and click.If you want to enable or disable existing startup applications, just follow these steps.The specified program, file or folder will now automatically open when you start Windows.And check the program to add in startup list.When the Task Manager window pops up, navigate to the Startup tab demonstrated in the screenshot below.There is a tool installed with Windows, called MSConfig, that allows you to quickly and easily see whats running at startup and disable the programs you prefer to run on our own after startup as needed.In Windows 8, however, Microsoft has moved the Startup tab from System Configuration tool to Task Manager providing even easier access.Here you will find a list of items set to automatically launch upon system boot.You can then copy and paste this shortcut to Startup Folder.
This will open, search Apps windows and will list most commonly used apps.
Specify an optional shortcut name for your choice and click Finish to complete the process.
Startup programs are executed when you start your windows.Its really that simple.If you have lots of programs in startup list, your windows 8 startup will be little slow.Subscribe TO real player auto update helper OUR, newsletter, related Reading 2017 AddictiveTips.But if you want to custom define these programs, as well as files or folders, you can make use of the Startup Programs folder.This in turn will open up the Startup folder of Windows which allows you to add files and programs here in order to automatically launch them.To run MSConfig, open the Start menu and type msconfig.