hp data protector client

Supported policies are: Loose, Strict, AppLoose, AppStrict, AppIncrLoose and AppIncrStrict.
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Notes The command is available on Windows systems only.
General_options -preview Checks the backup objects, backup devices and options you selected, without performing the backup.save_metadata saves the backup components document (Backup Components Document.In this configuration, multiple Data Protector cells are grouped, configured and managed from the MoM.The first just runs a command and replays the output to the terminal, the second attempts to download and run the command.Page 384 Specifies the session ID of the backup session with the backup object information which an existing SRD file will be updated with.Page 274 omniusers -add -type U -name root -usergroup admin -group * -client m To display the Data Protector users in all configured Data Protector user groups, run: omniusers -list SEE also ob2install(1M omnigui(5 omniintro(9 (1M (1M upgrade_cm_from_evaa(1M (1M) Page 276 When restoring the objects.Page 401 To configure a tape library with the default tape device and library settings using the "st" file created by the example above, run: sanconf -configure st -library MPC0220423 myLib1 To configure a library with a specific drive type, run: sanconf -configure -library MPC0100013.
Client contacted, but is apparently an older version.
Page 194 To immediately start a post-backup verification specification named "post_bu_verify1" for sim city 2 full game the session "2009/01/03- 1 run: omniobjverify -verificationlist post_bu_verify1 -postbackup -session 2009/01/03-1 To immediately start a scheduled verification specification named "sched_verify1 run: omniobjverify -verificationlist sched_verify1 -scheduled SEE also omnib(1 omnidb(1 omnikeymigrate(1M omnikeytool(1M omniobjconsolidate(1 omniobjcopy(1.Ovpl scripts and starts the two scripts (this command is available on systems with the Data Protector HP Network Node Manager Integration component installed) nnmscript.Use the report filtering options to generate a report only for a specific backup, object copy, or object consolidation specification.exclude FolderName Specifies the folders to be excluded from restore.Section 9: Introduction Command line interface reference.Page 373: Omniresolve omniresolve resolves a filesystem object or a list of filesystem objects and writes the results to the standard output or to a Unicode file (this command is available on systems with any Data Protector integration component installed) omniresolve synopsis omniresolve -version -help.