jedi knight jedi academy mods, here Are The Commands Needed To Use Each Model playermodel X replace X with the name of the NPC listed below.
Blue This black update for lumia 625 mod is pure simple.
Gray Icon Replacments This mod replaces those nasty gray icons for custom characters.Title Lightsaber Cursors Author requiem for a starfury E Mail requiem for a starfury m Website File Names Yellow 3 File Size 4 KB Orange 3 File Size Dual Sabers Staff script This mod will allow you to instantly switch between dual sabers and saberstaff.Dark Jedi Productions (LTD) Start-Up Video Video that is attached to anything that has content made.How to Uninstall Remove it from calculos para preparar soluciones molares your GameDataBase dir.Zip Über NPC Mod Pack (v2) This mod basically changes Kyle to have a medallion type thing, and a couple more belts.Voila, now it's more friendly.The Better JKA Hud This is a reskin of the original jka hud with a few twists.
CTF Flagg - Norge A replacement for the red CTF flag featuring the flag of Norway.
Patrick's Day CTF Mod Here we have another flag mod, but this time holiday-themed.This file is set up to replace the default saber blades.Zip jedi academy modification Title Cloaked Imperial Saboteur Author MeusH Amadeus Wieczorek E Mail amadeuszw jedi Website File Name Red Lighting This mod changes your lighting from blue to red.New animations and combat moves, new sound and saber effects brings jedi academy into the new millenium.A list of all the npcs is included in the readme.It removes the grid from over the menu video.I windows xp pro sp3 bootable iso image guess if this is your cup of tea I would download it, but personally I think the JA Li JK3 Pet NPC Pack Its a mini NPC mod, and it sounds pretty cool.