personal finance manager for pc

Unlimited number of accounts.
Scheduler, loans and credits tracking, budget.
Fortora Fresh Finance BudgetFortora LLC, personal finance data can be shared among multiple users on one computer or over a network when you use Fortora Fresh Finance.Import data from any CSV format, QIF.Access restrictions user accounts, several people can work with the same database file.International language support (available in 24 languages).Shared database on all devices, alzex Personal Finance software can be installed on Windows PC, Android phone and iPhone/iPad.Each registered copy of Fresh Finance can be used on up to three computers.Batch editing (grouping, cod world at war pc full game renaming and other actions over sets of records).
The ability to look at our complete financial status in one window is awesome.
Budgeting and cash flow forecasting, simple one click reporting with graphs and piecharts.Also you can add your own currencies.Tech support is free and very responsive, and Fortora plans to support multiple versions of the software as it's further developed.The data works with both the Mac and Windows versions of the software.Has a lot going for it: Online banking and bill paying are as automatic as they can be, investment information can be imported easily, budgets can be made and tracked, checks can be written and printed, and the list goes.The concept behind this home finance software lies in grouping expenses into categories.Graphical reports help you to analyze your financial situation.I highly recommend Moneydance.".To top it off, Moneydance has numerous extensions that bring even more functionality to bare, including stock price updaters, debt payoff calculators, and more.".In any case, for the years that I've been using it, I've never lost data, I've never found ads in the program, runs faster and more reliably than Quicken, easy to understand, support has always been there and is even better now, with feature requests.