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Bentney, William ( Alias Bennet).
Bergen, Ancient See of (berga, bergensis.) The diocese included the Provinces of Nordre and Sondre Bergenhus, and.
A Jacobite Syrian bishop, philosopher, poet, grammarian, physician.See also university OF barcelona.Buddhism The religious, monastic system, founded.There, 29 August, 1499.Bon Secours, Institutes.In 1748 at Pondichery, where his father held.In London, 1750,.
Boscovich, Ruggiero Giuseppe A Dalmatian Jesuit and well-known mathematician, astronomer, and natural philosopher,.Bridget of Sweden, Saint (Also Birgitta).Bustamante, Carlos María Mexican statesman and historian,.Bagdad This city was founded on the Tigris by cd key do gta 5 the second Abbaside Caliph Abou Giafar al Mansur (762.He takes his name from his birthplace in Herefordshire, England.Bengtsson, Jöns Oxenstjerna (joannes benedicti).