rome 2 total war mods

Features: * An entirely new campaign lotr battle for middle earth 2 crack 1.06 map that stretches from Macedonia to Greece and into the heart of the ancient Persian Empire * New campaign game that tasks players with matching the exploits.
Empire management, alliances, the UI and battlefields have all improved, which makes it doubly frustrating to encounter the floppy AI that will be extremely familiar to Total War fans by now.
I was watching my generals with suspicion, and promoting and offing contenders accordingly, plotting like a true Roman.
I'm still on a quest to unite elephants and Celtic skirmishers in the same army.Worse is the AI's tendency to constantly suicidally throw tiny forces against cities.If you use mods, then Rome 2 doubles as a platform for greater things, and you'll likely get a lot more bang for your denarii in the coming years as a result.A cinematic battle-cam puts you right into the melee, where you'll hear men yelling to each other and see differences in the way units fight.Great attention has been lavished on making troops more responsive.I tried to speed up Rome's turn from republic to empire by taking action against the other houses, but assassinating their members reduced my senate influence, seemingly staving off the transition.I tried the hack, but now when I try to start a campaign it doesn't list any factions at all.The severity of the problem seems to vary greatly depending on the map you're fighting.This is how I took forty units of Rome's finest into a contest with joint Averni and Helvetii forces at the Gallic fort of Bibracte in 190.You must guide your chosen nation to glory by managing cities, conducting diplomacy, plotting espionage and moving armies to conquer new settlements.
Creative Assembly's pro-active history with patches may well fix some of the problems mentioned as well, and we'll address those in future articles should that happen.For monarchies or tribal societies the setup is reversed your house starts with huge influence and the other houses will attack when they think you're growing weak.For the same reason, farms, mines and other supporting buildings now sit within city borders where formerly they were scattered across the campaign map like chickenfeed for tiny enemy warbands to peck.Boats that survive the sea battle can run ashore and deploy troops directly into the land fight in scenes that would be extraordinary if the troops didn't sometimes fail to disembark, or simply stand still on the beach unmoving forever.His many victories earned him Batman levels of gravitas and I'd started to worry about his aspirations.The AI does transport armies across the ocean, and does so effectively, but it never seems to raid trade routes or build especially large fleets.Thousands died in the drizzle.This reflects how the Roman army historically used foreign troops and encouraging a sort of military tourism.