rome total war cheat codes 1.5

They will be useful in entering town.
Taking a settlement: Note: This only works when you attack, and when the enemy has a wooden palisade or walls.
However, if you type create_unit "Syracuse" "greek hoplite spartan" it will work.
358 PC Games, 9 Walkthroughs for PC and 46 Console Cheats are represented in this new version from Strategy iso xbox 360 region Games, Adventure Games to Action Games.Increase money1 - add_money 1-40000, add population to indicated city - add_population city name number.The best way is to attract the band of spear man by sending some units closer to them (don't game dream pet link pc engage with them for fight) once they are start chasing your army units then start attack with you cavalry from behind on spear man.The Amazons: In the very northeast area of the map, there is a "hidden settlement" blocked off by trees and only accessable from the West.Allow him to enter the town.It ll give massive destruction.After you do your turn, end it with the cheat still.How to grab historical"s: If you are interesting in History you can grab them in D:RomeDatatex"s.Submitted by: Dusan, go to C:Program FilesActivisionRome - Total then open the text file "descr_strat".Go all the way down till you see (Here's what it should look like) it shouldn't take long.
Outnumber when defending: If your taking on a big faction and they have a huge army and you have say.4 caverly units and you can't escape, try this, take OUT THE general, for 2 reason, 1 if you kill him lower moral of the enemy.
Have 10000 Denerii (maximum).
If you save and exit it won't be there anymore, and the water will return to being blue if you put the fog of war off again.Fill the rest with strong infantry (for example, three Armored Elephants, three War Elephants, and three Normal Elephants.Home - Disable All.Ctrl Numpad 5 - Max Public Order.move ur mouse across an enemy unit if its says shaken on it and is not fleeing attack with somtin and it'll flee(same with ur own if a unit has shaken on it avaoid using it!) *make sure u hav a well army in Alesia(or.