select top 3 salary in sql server

It is a little complex if you go with more levels like 6th, 7th and.
There are two rows having salary 7777 two times for ID 3 and.
You'll then have the top three of highest salaries and, thus, you also have the third highest salary (if there is one, a company may have two employees and then you wouldn't have a third highest salary).Where lary by the way, If you don't know difference between correlated and non-correlated sub-query, see here.Join, subquery, aggregate functions, window functions, gropuing data, advanced filtering and SQL query optimization.Create function GetSalary Id int).If you able to find solution of all above SQL queries in quick time and feeling bore again, checkout my post about.It will allow you to see first few rows, last few rows or range of rows.Once you solve the problem, Interviewer will most likely increase the difficulty level by either moving to Nth salary direction or taking away this buit-in utilities.TOP, limit or ROW_number to write SQL query, but you must also provide a generic solution which should work on all database.Select distinct salary from ( Select * From CsharpEmployee C1 Where 3 (Select Count(Distinct(lary) From CsharpEmployee C2 Where lary lary) as tempTable Output Approach 5 This is another way to find the 3rd highest salary.I have left the Oracle database for you as an exercise.
This article is about understanding various ways to find the nth salary in SQL Server.
Select * from Employee corel painter essentials 4 update mac order by Basic_Sal desc.
Create table harpEmployee iD int NOT null, Name varchar(50) null, Salary int null ) ON primary, gO, sET ansi_padding OFF, gO, kindly insert some value using the SQL snippet given below to perform queries. You can also use distinct keyword if your.The requirement is to find the 3rd highest salary in SQL Server: A simple an practical approach.Now we print that salary by using limit.Select MAX(salary) from Employee where Salary NOT IN ( select Max(Salary) from Employee This will return 200 in our case.Again we did the same thing but this time we sort the result set on ascending order, so that second highest salary comes at top.And I feel it would be a good brain teaser because in a single article you will learn various approaches such as Functions, Dense_Rank and Row_Number Self-Join, etc.