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In this desperate situation, she finds temporary shelter at one of her friend's place.
In the middle of the night, she is suddenly homeless.
Once, it's revealed back home what she had become, it breaks the marriage of her younger sister.Sevasadan revolves around the issue of Vaishya or prostitutes (mostly the dancers a If there is one author who exemplary service red orchestra 2 knows the nerves of pre-Independence Indian society and the social evils that marred it, I think that would be Premchand.Varanasi, around the turn of the 20th century.The home is named Seva Sadan (the house of service from which the title of the novel seems to be derived.The Benarasi courtesan filled an important place in the aesthetic and literary culture of North India as well as in the cultural history of the city and its citizens.The main protagonist.While on one hand, it was socially acceptable (or rather imperative) to organize arrow season 3 episode 17 kickass the dance for any happy occasion like festival, marriage or family ritual, it was unacceptable to have any ties with a family who had one of their womenfolk joining this profession.Premchand does a great justice to bring out the best and worst of the characters in his stories.
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