vcruntime140.dll is missing in apache

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Id2092 - VC10 Packages (Visual C 2010 SP1) px?
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But i have Microsoft Visual C both x64 and x86 installed.Id13523 - VC11 Packages (Visual C 2012 Update 4).X86.exe as instructed by the Apache docs, but when I run httpd.04 of the Wampserver troubleshooting tips: p?2,134915 - Disable IIS, item.Do not install Wampserver over an existing version, follow the advice: - Install a new version of Wampserver: p?2,123606, if you install Wampserver over an existing version, not only it will not work, but you risk losing your existing databases.The two files VSU4vcredist_x86.exe and VSU4vcredist_x64.exe idm latest version full version with key to be download are on the same page: px?Id53840, if you have a 64-bit Windows, you must install both 32 and 64bit versions, even if you do not use Wampserver 64 bit.
Why would it be missing?
Computers, read More, computers, read More 07FEB.17 APR, installing Wampserver on Windows.Is there something else?X64.exe also did not fix the issue.I've downloaded files from the official server (Apache2.4 but my attempt to install it failed: httpd -k install,typed in command prompt (it was opened by administrator) given a "no vcruntime140.dll" error.Computers, read More d bloggers like this.Candy Crush Saga.