wwdc 2013 keynote full

Just make sure you have QuickTime installed, or a similar player that supports QT files.
Tim Cook was solid as usual, as was Phil Schiller.They showed off impressive new features and changes coming up for Mac OS X, new and upcoming Mac hardware, and sweeping changes to iOS.So we could see a big boost in storage performance.Like the iOS 7 introduction video, the keynote doesnt appear to be available on Apples channel yet, so we cant embed it here.11:47AM PDT - 95 of the cars being sold today integrate music/control from iOS devices 11:47AM PDT - iOS in the car vlc media player ita gratis 11:46AM PDT - Bing search results 11:46AM PDT - Wikipedia integration 11:46AM PDT - Twitter integration with Siri 11:46AM PDT - Play last.09:23AM PDT - The large L4 cache could do wonders for aspects of OS performance, but I'd expect a gaming perf regression.
09:40AM PDT - Ok I think that's all the brain dump for now 09:34AM PDT - But that's a discussion for another wwdc (and another piece of silicon, and process node.) 09:34AM PDT - Ultimately I think 10-inch tablets go away and are replaced.
09:22AM PDT - Anyway, I'm still expecting a dual-core 13-inch rMBP.09:24AM PDT - I'm not expecting full launch of a new Mac Pro, maybe a teaser.They fixed scrolling perf 10:35AM PDT - demo time 10:35AM PDT - Safari absolutely needs to be quicker, but honestly it needs to see frequent updates to maintain perf/power advantages, that's where Google does a great job with Chrome 10:35AM PDT - Less CPU energy.Dont forget to also check out our mega roundup of everything Apple announced today.But for those who would like to watch the clip, you can find it on Apples website.09:26AM PDT - Oh, one thing I forgot to mention on the Mac hardware side: I'm fully expecting Apple to adopt.2 for its mobile SSDs.11:32AM PDT - Multitasking for all apps in iOS 7 11:31AM PDT - Multitasking 11:31AM PDT - Control Center: swipe up, even at your lock screen, to get access to quick settings, even flashlight 11:30AM PDT - Control Center 11:30AM PDT - Notifications center.Brian is on photos, I'll be typing and Brian will be chiming in with his usual awesome analysis 09:15AM PDT - The keynote will start in about 45 minutes 09:15AM PDT - But it's already started slowing down, this should be fun 09:14AM PDT.You can visit Apples website to stream the full 120-minute ordeal in all of its glory.On the iOS side the obvious expectation is to see iOS.