xbox 360 games patches

Contains same problems per game as high quality chess game with standalone releases.
Shadows occasionally glitch out for certain characters (Plankton, Patrick, etc.).
Sound glitches during gameplay.
Star Wars: Battlefront Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes May freeze unexpectedly in main menu; no save icon for the Xbox 360 Dashboard.Works better in other regions.By Bradley Russell, tV News, the Walking Dead Season 8 episode 3 review: Shuffling on about as fast as one of its titular walkers.ShellShock: Nam '67 Yes Unknown No Yes Yes Shenmue II Yes Yes Yes Yes No Graphical: the black bars during cutscenes are slightly raised up revealing a slight part of the scene.Shincho Mahjong No No Yes Yes Unknown Shrek 2 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Shrek: Super Party Yes Yes Unknown Yes Unknown Showdown: Legends of Wrestling Yes No No Yes No Slows on the wrestler select screen on 360.Custom Radio is no longer supported.Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Yes Yes No Yes No Lags in some single player levels.They were also distributed as part of the content on the Official Xbox Magazine monthly discs, which were discontinued in 2012.Stuttering framerate with significant slowdown in co-op and split-screen multiplayer.Issues in 4 player mode.
It's not just 4K and HDR improvements.
Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge Unknown Yes No Yes Unknown The House of the Dead III Yes Yes Yes Yes No Gameplay tends to both speed up and slow down at certain sequences.Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers Yes Yes No Yes Yes Futurama Yes No No Yes No When the controller vibrates, it occasionally doesn't stop vibrating.Since the last update from Microsoft, this game no longer works on any ntsc consoles.Title ntsc ( NA ) ntsc ( JP ) PAL ( EU, AU, NZ ) Widescreen Notes 50 Hz 60 Hz 2006 fifa World Cup Yes Yes Unknown Yes Yes 25 to Life Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 4x4 Evo 2 Yes No No Yes.When saved the game in an Area, Loading the save file can freeze the console.This page documents the.Dead or Alive Ultimate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes doau1 does not support widescreen.Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde Yes No No Yes No Grabbed by the Ghoulies Yes Yes Yes Yes No When this game is played in widescreen, the title demo, cinematics and menus are presented in a 4:3 fashion although the game is actually presented.